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Dr. Sludgelove - My Space Odyssey (English Version)

I am not the kind of a writer who writes articles for money, so I can't really write about every new released stuff. This is even more true about the instrumental albums... After all, what could I write about them besides that it contains great riffs with powerful sound... I need something additional besides the music, which drives me to sit down and write something about it. This additional value was presented in Dr Sludgelove's debut album.

The band was started as a one man project by János. After a while Attila joined him and in the December of 2017, the album was out. So the project is new, but it seems for me, the album was prepared for a long time.

The music is instrumental, progressive and sludgy. At the first time you could think, that these styles together in the same time are really difficult to listen, maybe as much as Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, the 2001 a space odyssey, which is by the way the main topic of the album. The music could be sound track for the movie instead of the original one. Also an animation was created, which makes a little bit easier to find out what is going on during each track. It is important, that this is not a cover of the original movie sound track.

To talk about the negative points first... the album's sound is not really professional, it can be noticed easily that the record was created in a home studio with a drum machine because of lack of drummer. Maybe this will be better by time.

About the positive points... The riffs are really heavy, diverse its repetition is fine, not starting to be boring. The songs are well written and mature enough. There are some audio parts from the movie, which are really well placed and gives a really good, sometimes weird atmosphere. The second song reminds me of the older 35007 albums, which is a positive thing as well. The song called Alone into the void is the strangest part of the release. This is something like the mixture of Fear Factory, a free jazz and a proggy band's sound.

The track called "My God, it is full of stars!" is a "relaxation" song. The author writes the followings about it:
"Dave Bowman encounters the Monolith. He says the following phrase just before losing contact with Mission Control: “The thing’s hollow -- it goes on forever -- and -- oh my God! -- it’s full of stars!” During the journey he sees stars as flashes, the known three dimensional world falls apart. Time, directions, usual physics does not make sense here any more. Bowman is transported via the monolith to an unknown star system, through a large interstellar switching station, and sees other species' spaceships going on other routes. Bowman is given a wide variety of sights, from the wreckage of ancient civilizations to what appear to be life-forms, living on the surfaces of a binary star system's planet." This is one enigmatic part of the movie.

The last song, called "Death of man, born of the Starchild" is a real suprise. This is how a real concept album should end.

This kind of music really needs a real drummer, unfortunately the guys have not found the right one to play music with, so if someone likes what they do, just feel free to contact. link:
In case a drummer, the band would do live performances as well.

In the end, I hope they will continue on this level and the sound for the next releases will be developed as well. AMEN!

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